Okaya EV Launches Ferrato, Targets Premium Electric Two-Wheeler Market in 2024-2025

Okaya EV Launches Ferrato, Targets Premium Electric Two-Wheeler Market in 2024-2025

Okaya EV unveils Ferrato, a premium electric two-wheeler brand, offering high-end motorcycles and scooters designed to blend passion with performance.

New Delhi has recently become the launchpad for Okaya EV’s ambitious foray into the premium electric two-wheeler segment with the unveiling of its new brand, Ferrato. Aimed at redefining the electric mobility landscape, Ferrato is set to introduce a range of high-end two-wheelers, including three electric motorcycles and one electric scooter in the fiscal year 2024-2025. Anshul Gupta, Managing Director at Okaya EV, emphasizes Ferrato’s commitment to offering consumers a premium experience that blends passion with performance.

Revolutionizing Electric Mobility

With the launch of Ferrato, Okaya EV is not just introducing a new product lineup but is also setting a new benchmark in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. The company promises that each Ferrato model will epitomize intelligence, strength, and power, ensuring an exhilarating and high-quality ride. This move is part of Okaya EV’s broader strategy to expand its footprint in the sustainable mobility landscape, targeting customers who value innovation and technology.

Exclusive Customer Experience

Ferrato is poised to offer an unmatched customer experience through its dedicated network within Okaya’s extensive dealer infrastructure. Over 100 partners are planned to be established, focusing on delivering a unique riding experience that reflects Ferrato’s commitment to performance, style, and intelligence. The brand aims to set itself apart by providing customers with an exclusive range of models and unparalleled service, thereby positioning Ferrato as the premier choice for discerning riders.

Strategic Expansion and Customer Focus

Okaya EV’s strategic launch of Ferrato underlines the company’s dedication to meeting the growing demand for premium electric two-wheelers. By focusing on a separate network and a dedicated team overseeing sales, customer operations, and service centers, Ferrato aims to cater to the needs of customers passionate about cutting-edge technology and sustainability. This approach not only highlights Okaya EV’s commitment to innovation but also its vision for a future where electric mobility is synonymous with luxury and high performance.

As Ferrato gears up to redefine the electric two-wheeler landscape, its focus on delivering a premium experience is a testament to Okaya EV’s ambition to lead in the sustainable mobility domain. The brand’s upcoming range of high-end two-wheelers promises to offer riders the perfect fusion of passion and performance, setting new standards in the electric vehicle market.