Okaya EV’s premium brand, Ferrato launches its first electric motorcycle, the Disruptor

Okaya EV’s premium brand, Ferrato launches its first electric motorcycle, the Disruptor

Ferrato, Okaya’s premium EV brand, has launched its inaugural electric motorcycle, the Disruptor. As the brand’s first high-performance electric bike, it exudes power and commands attention on the road. The teasers shared on social media platforms generated significant anticipation among enthusiasts. Representing a fusion of form, function, and futurism, this high-performance bike promises to redefine the electric two-wheeler market. Priced at Rs 1,59,999 lakh [Price reduced due to the EMPS Scheme]  the Disruptor is poised to deliver an electrifying ride experience unlike any other.

”We are excited to introduce the Disruptor, under the banner of Ferrato, to Indian bike enthusiasts who are eager to experience the power of EVs. With its groundbreaking technology, exhilarating performance, and sporty design, the Disruptor aligns perfectly with changing the landscape of the road to lead the way in providing innovative and sustainable mobility solutions,” Anshul Gupta, Managing Director of Okaya EV said after the launch.

Let’s quickly take a look at the specifications of the Disruptor:


The Disruptor boasts the aesthetic of a fully-faired sports bike. Its vibrant red color scheme, complemented by sleek body graphics, amplifies its dynamic presence. Leading the way are twin LED headlamps housed within the apron, accompanied by an integrated windscreen for added aerodynamics. Towards the rear, the bike features split grab rails and a singular taillamp unit with intricate pixelated detailing. 


Certified Range 129 km
Top Speed 95 kmph
Peak Power 6.37 kW
Battery Capacity 3.97 kWh
Torque 228 Nm 
Charging Time 5 hours 


The Disruptor boasts a cutting-edge digital hybrid display, offering riders seamless access to vital information at a glance. With geo-fencing capabilities, owners can set virtual boundaries for their scooters, enhancing security and peace of mind. Additionally, the inclusion of USB charging ensures convenient device power on the go, while robust connectivity features like mobile, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS empower users with enhanced navigation and communication options. Lastly, the Find My Scooter feature provides added reassurance by enabling easy tracking of the vehicle’s location, further enhancing the overall ownership experience.


The Disruptor will be available in 3 powerful and eye-catchy colors. The color options are as follows: