Okaya EV's premium brand Ferrato to launch 3 electric bikes & 1 electric scooter

Okaya EV's premium brand Ferrato to launch 3 electric bikes & 1 electric scooter

Okaya EV, an electric two-wheeler manufacturer has introduced a new sub-brand called ‘Ferrato’. The new sub-brand will be selling only high-end electric two-wheelers. The brand has also revealed that Ferrato’s lineup will include three new products which will come in the fiscal year 2024–2025. There will be three electric motorcycles and one electric scooter.

Ferrato will also have its own dealership network which will be independent from Okaya EV. So, it can be expected that the service quality will be better than Okaya EVs. The brand plans to establish more than 100 partners for Ferrato.

With Ferrato, the main aim for Okaya EV is to deliver a premium experience to consumers. Commenting on the new brand, Dr. Anshul Gupta, Managing Director of Okaya Electric Vehicles, said, “Ferrato’s establishment aims to provide a premium experience to consumers and marks a significant milestone for Okaya EV as we continue to expand our footprint in the sustainable mobility landscape. With a dedicated team overseeing sales, customer operations and service centers, we plan to establish over 100+ partners for Ferrato, focusing on positioning it as a premier choice for discerning riders seeking the perfect fusion of passion and performance.”

As of now, Okaya EV has seven electric scooters in its portfolio. There is Freedum, Faast F2F, Faast F3, Motofaast, Faast F2B, ClassicIQ+, Faast F2T and Faast F4.

The latest scooter to launch the brand’s lineup is the Motofaast. It costs ₹1,36,999 ex-showroom. Motofaast is equipped with a dual battery system with a combined capacity of 3.53 kWh and it is using LFP technology. The battery pack takes 4-5 hours to fully charge. The manufacturer is claiming a riding range between 110 km and 130 km. The electric motor is capable of producing a peak power output of 2300 W and the scooter can achieve a top speed of 70 kmph. There are three riding modes on offer – Eco, City and Sports.